June 18, 2011

What Would Kate Middleton Do?

You know what? College is hard. Classes, stressful social situations, hangovers, etc...all these things tend to get the best of me. When I am feeling violently nauseous with worry, I just think to myself:

What would Kate Middleton do?

Kate (ahem, the Duchess of Cambridge) would remain poised and not let drama get to her. And so, I will too.

This summer I'm only taking one class and working part time, so I should actually have some time for some side projects. Here are my goals for this summer:

1. Drink less (less than three times a week)
2. Hike more (once a week, at least)
3. Stop eating at so many restaurants and actually cook something (once a week, at least)
4. Exercise more (four times a week, at least)
5. Read more (one book a week, at least)
6. Wear sunscreen! (everyday!)
7. Clean more
8. Keep in touch with friends
9. Explore my city...and that doesn't just mean try a different bar
10. Launch my jort-making Etsy business
11. Work on my writing
12. Blog!

What do you think of these goals? Hopefully this keeps my head out of drama and in productive/healthy mode. It's what Kate would do!


Suzanne said...

Kate would also move back into her parents' house after graduating from college. Are you trying to tell me something?

Jenna said...

Haha I love this. I'm going to refer to that too when I'm feeling like going insane.