June 18, 2011

What Would Kate Middleton Do?

You know what? College is hard. Classes, stressful social situations, hangovers, etc...all these things tend to get the best of me. When I am feeling violently nauseous with worry, I just think to myself:

What would Kate Middleton do?

Kate (ahem, the Duchess of Cambridge) would remain poised and not let drama get to her. And so, I will too.

This summer I'm only taking one class and working part time, so I should actually have some time for some side projects. Here are my goals for this summer:

1. Drink less (less than three times a week)
2. Hike more (once a week, at least)
3. Stop eating at so many restaurants and actually cook something (once a week, at least)
4. Exercise more (four times a week, at least)
5. Read more (one book a week, at least)
6. Wear sunscreen! (everyday!)
7. Clean more
8. Keep in touch with friends
9. Explore my city...and that doesn't just mean try a different bar
10. Launch my jort-making Etsy business
11. Work on my writing
12. Blog!

What do you think of these goals? Hopefully this keeps my head out of drama and in productive/healthy mode. It's what Kate would do!


  1. Kate would also move back into her parents' house after graduating from college. Are you trying to tell me something?

  2. Haha I love this. I'm going to refer to that too when I'm feeling like going insane.


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