May 9, 2011

New Hair

Ew, winter hair. I accidentally dyed my hair super-dark "red" right before St. Patrick's Day, and the above was the product of six weeks without dyeing in hopes of fading the darkness a bit.

Well, that's all over with! Last week I lightened up a bit and even added highlights.

You like? It's much more summery and closer to my wishlist haircolor for spring: Michelle from US Skins. I'm obviously not a professional hair colorist, but I think it turned about pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Don't I kind of look like Sea of Shoes in this picture?

Also, I have been experimenting with curling my hair using only a flat iron. Have you heard of this? It's amazing. Maybe I will film a tutorial if I ever master the skill myself.

I hope all is well with my lovely readers, and be on the look-out for my next how-to post, which will deal with looking good even when the weather is rainy. And for my more northern readers, check out my posts on how to look good in the winter:

Hopefully I won't need those skills for a long, long time...

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  1. The colour is lovely. I like the way you have styled it too. Unfortunately my hair is mega-straight, so if I curl it with irons it just falls out an hour or so later :(


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