May 18, 2011

How To Be Chic on a Rainy Day

Here in Ohio, we have had the rainiest spring ever. I am literally losing my mind. The good news for you is that I have pretty much mastered how to be chic when it rains because I have had no other choice for such a long time. 

First, you have to build up your rainy day accessories. Every self-respecting girl needs a nice pair of rain boots. If you live in a climate where it rains more than a few days a year, do NOT buy rain boots at Target. I used to have rain boots from Target, and after a few wears, the rubber ripped, allowing water to pour in all over my feet. Gross. However, if you live in a place where there's not a lot of rain, you could probably get away with it, and they're DEAD CHEAP. Check it.

Like snow boots and vacuum cleaners, rain boots are something you probably shouldn't skimp on if you have reason to wear them. So, like, spend some money. You get what you pay for. These are supposed to last forever, so no cute patterns. Some classic colors might be okay, but will you really want hot pink rainboots when you're 35?

Probably not. 

Here's some of my picks (click on the picture to go to the shop):

Hunter Original Gloss in Black, $125

Tretorn Kelly Rubber Rain Boot in Black, $55.25

Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Boot in Green Embossed Croc, $60

Kate Space Randi in Black Rubber, $125

Hunter Arolla in Black, $150

You also need an umbrella. There are basically two options here: the big umbrella and the little umbrella.

The little/collapsible umbrella

Pros: Small, can fit into your purse
Cons: You can't put it in your purse when it's wet and it's really easy to leave it somewhere. I've lost my small umbrella in the couch at my boyfriend's house like three times. The small umbrella will also take the opportunity to lose itself at bars, in bathrooms, under the seat of your car, and on city buses. 

Conclusion: Buy two

The big umbrella

Pros: You can use it as a cane and it's hard to lose because it's so big. Also, it looks awesome.
Cons: Sometimes it's annoying to carry, especially when you're weighed down with a huge purse. Also, it can get annoying at a bar.

Hold up. A cane, you say? Let me show you all the cool things you can do with a cane:

Conclusion: Go for it if you can rock it.

Now, I am a big fan of matching your umbrella to your boots. I think it looks pulled together, and a black umbrella is always classic.

See what I mean?

When it rains, the humidity is also high, which can be detrimental to whatever you have going on with your face and hair. A little trick I use to keep the frizzies down is to spray some hairspray onto a bristle brush and run that through my hair after straightening. Alternatively, I recommend keeping a tiny hairbrush in your purse. There is no end to the amounts of times I'm so happy I have that thing. As for the face, a compact will keep humidity-induced shine to a minimum. I just ordered Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in Invisible Matte from Sephora, and it works awesomely.

A lot of people will give you some big life lesson about why trench coats are a must-have and blah blah blah. Frankly, my friends, I would feel like a total hypocrite telling you to buy a trench coat or a rain coat, because I have neither. I figure if you have an umbrella, why worry? I do sometimes wear my faux leather coat, as its made out of PVC and is waterproof :)

How about you? How do you dress for a rainy day?


  1. hunter boots are so baller.

    also, i like that "you can use it as a cane" is one of the first pros listed for big umbrellas. i'm a little umbrella(ella, ella, eh) chick but i think i could be persuaded...

  2. Woah Hunters are expensive in the US! I'd love a pair but I can't bring myself to spend £60 on a pair of wellies.. I usually get mine from this outlet camping/army shop we have where I live. Sturdy and cheap, yet very boring!
    I'm always stuck between the small umbrella/big umbrella thing. If I'm going "out" out it's got to be a small one that fits in my bag, but if I'm just going out to run errands etc it has to be a massive golf umbrella for maximum protection from the rain!

  3. i want a see-thru umbrella so bad!! cool pics

  4. Great post. Here in the UK we've had hardly any rain- weird! I do love trench coats because I think they're so chic, I instantly feel stylish when I pull mine on .

  5. I used to have a pair of Hunter boots but I got tired. I still feel bad letting go of it! Well, I have a small polka dotted umbrella. It's transparent then it has mint green polka dots. I love it.

    Sorry if it took me forever to reply to your comment. I think you should definitely set up an Etsy account and painting designs on jeans is a nice idea. You could also put studs or other designs. Jean shorts are perfect for summer! How about buy some vintage jeans, cut them (perfect high-waist) then paint on them?


  6. I think I need to add the Kate Spade boots to my wish list. So cute!




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