January 20, 2010

Shit's About to Get Nautical

Guess what bitches. Shit is about to get Nautical. I'm quite excited, because dressing up as a sailor pin-up has always been one of my favorite looks. In fact, in my younger days, I imposed "Nautical Thursdays" on myself.

I found some items on Forever 21 that fit my theme for spring, but of course, I did not do a full internet scour (is that a word?) because I'm really supposed to be doing homework.

If you read this blog, sorry, I haven't had a lot of time to devote to this thing. I still really like it, but it's hard to balance relationships, schoolwork, finances, work, extra curriculars, and body mass index all at the same time. I'd like to be a well-rounded, organized person, but it does not come easily for me. Besides, my page views have really taken a nosedive lately. It seems that since I no longer have a lot of time to read other blogs and comment, no one has the time to read mine. It's funny how that works. The blogosphere is a selfish, selfish place my friends.

But this spring, I will be lifting up my anchor and returning to sea!

At least metaphorically.

But not really because I'll still be living here doing the same thing.

But at least the weather will be warmer, and thus the clothes cuter.


  1. I love nautical! And by the way, you have greaaaat taste in music!

  2. I really like stripes and blue and everything nautical. Loving your blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog. xo

  3. i love how fresh nautical looks.

    haha yes, well you see, unfortunately, in my country we just get trashed regardless of the occassion so occassionally, very occassionally someone will actually have a nice 21st... although pretty parties never stopped anyone from letting their hair down.

  4. love catherine in these! and i'm a little obsessed with stripes at the moment... cute blog!



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