November 28, 2009

The Perfect Song

I pretty much had a music orgasm the first time I heard this song...and every time after. Could this song BE any more perfect?! Minor key, country influence, floor stomping, hand claps, vocal harmonies...and if I wasn't in love with it enough already, THERE'S A TAP DANCING SOLO?! Hells yes! This song is exactly the music I would make if I had that sort of talent. I LOVE YOU CHESTER FRENCH.

One time one of the guys from Chester French emailed me while I was at work and I SHIT MY PANTS. So, boys, if you're reading this...I have a boyfriend but could you be my back ups? K thanks bye.


  1. haha naww :)
    wow cant believe they emailed you thats superrr!


  2. i was JUST listening to a mix on the way back to school that had a ton of chester french... i can't help it - i love "she loves everybody"... the cellos are beautiful.

    you have GREAT music taste, unlike nme which ignored my beloved kala. glad to see you agree :)


  3. love it! that particular song reminds me a lot of this amazing new zealand band called zombie jamboree I came across at a live gig last week, i havn't been able to find any of their stuff online unfortunately but it's really blue grassy country/rock and roll and the lead singers voice is amazing!


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