November 30, 2009

Bangin' It Up

I hope everyone had a lovely break...mine was pretty good. I found a lot of cool things that I forgot I had (i.e. a black sequin dress from seventh grade, a tweed blazer, etc.), and I played A LOT of the Sims 2 (one of my top guilty pleasures). Unfortunately, I left my retainer at home, so I must let my gap grow out while I wait for my mom to mail it to me. I'm sure my teeth will be an absolute wreck by the time it gets here.

Yes, I'm 20 and I'm totally dependent on my stupid nasty retainer. Which, by the way, has a saxophone on it (a relic of my band nerd days).

ANYHOW. I've been thinking about getting big, thick bangs for a while now, but I'm still not really sure.

This is me over the weekend at my friend's Black Friday party. So, that's what I look like without a ton of make up. If you didn't know.

And that's what I want. Big ass fat bangs. Granted, I need to dye my hair a bit darker as it's faded a lot since the last dye. So, what do you think? Do you see a fringe in my future? Or should I continue to rock the forehead?

I've also decided to post a tribute to the most bangin' bangs:

Jane Asher, rocking the red bang (as well as a paper dress).

Anna Karina

Fran├žois Hardy

Patti Boyd

The queen of the fringe: Zooey Deschanel (obv.)

I just had to include this. It's funny because it's true.

More Zooey (I have a girl crush on her, who doesn't?)

Daisy Lowe. Weirdly, I think I need that jump suit. I'm not sure what I would do with it, but I feel that a long sleeve leopard dress/ jumpsuit is definitely in order.

So...if anyone has some advice on this subject, let me know!

I should probably prepare for my forensic anthropology exam now...



  1. Oh I love the bangs, especially Zooeys!!
    Ha I love the sims too :)

  2. hey girl,

    just stopping by to say that your comments always make me laugh. thanks for following!

    also, it's badass that there's a sax on your retainer.

  3. Zooey is amazing! Between you & I, I like Zooey faaar better than Katy. :)

  4. Yes go for the fringe, and darker red, I think it would suit you.
    That's such a beautiful picture of Anna Karina -- I want her top!

  5. Sigh, I always wanted bangs. Forehead too oily. Oh well, at least I can enjoy these pictures :)


  6. K well the fact that you just said btdubs makes us friends automatically. Hahah I love that!!!
    And I love this leopard print leo at the end here. sexy..not to mention I love DAVID BOWIE. Damn, it's love woman.

  7. Hello. And Bye.


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