September 19, 2014



I guess I didn't realize how sick I was of looking at black clothing all the time, but when I saw the Barbie-tastic nonsense walking down the runway at Moschino S/S 15, I was like, "Yes. That is refreshing." It's like a big gulp of Koolaid on a hot summer day. Or licking a strawberry ice cream cone at funeral. Something in that vein.

Some haterz on the internet are accusing this collection of being "cheap" but seriously, dude, it's just fun. Doesn't anyone remember how to have fun anymore? Are we still too busy being normcore and goth to have fun?

Maybe I'm just more receptive to this because I recently watched Spice World and now I'm really feeling loud, colorful, 90's fashion. Regardless, I've painted my nails Barbie pink in salute.

It's almost time to roller skate in the weekend, y'all! What are you guys doing?

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1. Lena Dunham hilariously interviewing my girl Mindy Kaling for Rookie/Rolling Stone.
2. How to make your own pumpkin spice latte syrup from FIGS of all things, brought to you by House of Earnest. I mean, you'll never catch me in the kitchen trying to make this (too busy bloggin'), but maybe you will and give me some?
3. Apartment 34 has some hot fall trends for the home including GOLD KITCHEN CABINETS #baller
4. A true mad man artist has his first art show at the age of 100 on Fast Company (above)
5. Do you guys read Hommemaker? Man, this guy just slays me. Check out his "Six Shocking Facts About Fire Island."
6. How cool are these Parisian rooftops on Honestly WTF?
7. Traveling Shopaholic has a post about packing for a year-long trip. Can you imagine?
8. The above was written by Taylor Fields from Calloway Rose. She is on a yearlong journey around the world and is an extremely talented and hilarious writer. You have GOT to check out her blog.
9. The Chriselle Factor showed off her drool-worthy closet.
10. Four Pins shows us the abomination that is the Suitsie AKA a suit onesie. 

What blogs have you been reading this week?

September 18, 2014


Noah Lennox AKA Panda Bear AKA the most important member of Animal Collective has released a website teaser for his upcoming album Panda Bear Vs. the Grim Reaper. It's pretty weird. It's just this:

With some robot static noise and then this:

With some pretty tight dance music. I think it's going to be a big departure from his earlier work - definitely more dance-inspired - but it's going to be AWESOME. He's a true talent.

While we're waiting for this album to be released, check out his collaboration with Daft Punk from last year:

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September 17, 2014


The inevitable is happening today: I'm talking about 1997's Spice World. If you've never seen it before, it's basically A Hard Day's Night except with the Spice Girls...and it's utterly ridiculous. Seriously, I have to call my mom and apologize for making her take me to see this. 

The Spice Girls were the when I was a little kid. My friends and I always had "our girl" and we pretended to be them, dancing and singing Spice Girls songs on the playground. I wasn't alone in this experience, right? I meticulously studied their outfits and read up on them on the internet which was an extremely time consuming activity in 1997, let me tell you. I even had a book about them that I bought at the Scholastic Book Fair! Hell yeah, you betcha I was a serious fan!

The film opens up with the girls performing "Too Much" in some classy white ensembles.

Love this crazy "girl power" maxi dress.

Their outfits are just SO FUN. Seriously. Love Baby Spice's "Baby" necklace and Ginger's romper.

As a child, I legitimately thought that this entire set could be fit into one bus. Like, it never occurred to me that the inside of the bus wasn't REALLY the inside of the bus. Obviously it's much, much bigger!


Naturally, they all have their own areas decorated to match their "personalities."

Scary's got some kind of crazy Missy Elliott thing goin on.

This halter is important. 

In this scene, Baby Spice laments that she will still be referred to as "Baby" when she's like 30. I was going to look her up and be like, oh surprise, she's 30 this year!

She's 38.

Where does time go?

I love a good dress-up montage! The Spice Girls, sick of being directed by a photographer, decide they're going "do their own thing." Which apparently means dressing up like other pop culture icons.

And then they dress up as each other.

I actually love this balm print bustier dress.

Mock turtlenecks are about due for a come-back, right?


It's the middle of the night. The girls go into the woods to pee...and this is what they choose to wear? I mean, latex?! Really?!


Love that daisy print lace top.

I also loved how Posh wore a camo bodycon dress rather than fatigues and walked around all the obstacles.

Me and all my friends definitely need matching robes in different colors, right?

Side note, silver was like SO COOL in the late 90's. Remember? We must have just been dressing for the upcoming Robot Wars or whatever.

Why is her tie tucked into her shirt???

That purple suede jacket is actually pretty cute. 

Let's bring this hairstyle back, k?

My actual reaction to babies.

So you probably don't even remember this, but the girls' pregnant friend goes into labor at a club, so they drive her in their fancy bus to the hospital. In preparation to deliver the baby, they put on rubber gloves.

Love that halter/hot pants combo!


Completely inexplicable.

Luckily the girls finally make it to their concert and all is well. Yay!

So that was pretty much it. Then Ginger Spice left and as far I'm concerned, the Spice Girls were over. At least we have this wonderful time capsule of insane 90's fashion forever and ever, right?

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