August 26, 2014


I wish Bethany Cosentino and I were friends because she is seriously the coolest girl in the world. She plays guitars, sings, and writes songs for Best Coast, a surf rock band that sounds like Sheryl Crow smoking a bunch of weed by a pool in LA. Her instagram (@bscbscbsc) is a mix of chill selfies and Seinfeld references. Bethany's style is effortlessly cool. Like, I would really believe that she just got up and threw on a Drake print crop, white tennis skirt, and Nike slide sandals.

(To any of my friends who are reading this, YES THIS IS WHY I BOUGHT THOSE NIKE SANDALS. They are hella rad and you are all jealous.)

I pulled together some of her most awesome looks as evidence.

Source: @bscbscbsc

I love how this girl never steers away from a conversational print. Like, where do you even buy a matching set featuring characters from The Simpsons? Or Beyonce's face? Amazing. And that hair! Please tell me your secrets for making a center part work!

See Bethany in action here:

She's awesome, right?

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August 25, 2014


Source: Refinery29

ASOS has released a preview of their Holiday 2014 collection and it looks fab-u-lous. I'm loving that matching sets are making a transition to fall/winter in darker colors and sparkly knits. I also love the photoreal print dress, which is modest enough to wear to work, but weird enough for me. I can't wait to show up to the family Christmas party in a lurex knit crop top with matching pencil skirt. Refinery29 has the full collection, and it's worth checking out. The collection will be hitting starting in October.


The other night I had a dream that I was holding a baby and singing R. Kelly's timeless classic "I Believe I Can Fly." That freaks me out a little bit, considering R. Kelly's alleged (non-convicted) history with juveniles, but maybe what my subconscious is saying is that I want to someday have little babies so I can torture them with my own renditions of songs that REALLY MEANT SOMETHING to me when I was in third grade. Like I just remember wailing this on my swing set and just thinking "Damn, I can do anything!"

Little did I know that I would grow up to be $70,000 in debt! But at least I have my own apartment and car. Maybe this is me flying?

Anyhow, I was thus reminded of this song and decided to watch the video. I vaguely remembered R. Kelly in a corn field, belting is out with arms outstretched to the heavens. It's actually even far cheesier than that, if you can believe it (I believe I can!).

The video opens up with the aforementioned corn field, with a bird flying across the shot (duh - it's a metaphor).

Then there's this shadowy oboe player cameo. I can't help but wonder about this individual. Just think how this girl put in thousands of practice hours on the oboe, which is perhaps the least cool of all school band instruments (except maybe French horn). I just imagine that this girl was really serious about learning her craft from a young age, and I can see her carrying her little oboe case home from school on the bus every day, practicing at home while her parents fight in the background. Even though the other kids made fun of her and people told her she'd never amount to anything, SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD FLY. And now look at her. She's in an R. Kelly video and she didn't even have to wear a bikini. Suck it, haters.

Then there's a shot of a little kid in overalls throwing a dirty basketball into a muddy puddle next to an overturned rusty old bike. I don't know what this means. Is this supposed to be Michael Jordan's origin story? I'm not convinced.

Then there is literally a hawk or an eagle or whatever.

The rest of the video is pretty much this:

This is a collage of about half the times R. Kelly stretched his arms to demonstrate that he does, in fact, believe he can fly. They really hammer that message home. In fact, it's pretty amazing how many of these shots are contained in this 3 minute music video. 

Also, I refuse to believe that this man knows how to direct a choir, although it does present yet another opportunity for him to flap his arms around like a bird. 

Well, that's enough inspiration for you to start your week. I can almost hear you all singing I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYY (WOO!).

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August 23, 2014


Hell yeah. Grimes has released a trailer for the video for her new song, "Go" and it looks amazing (per usual). 

If you're not familiar with Grimes, she's an amazing Canadian alterna-pop artist who made her most recent album on a Macbook Pro. As someone who home records, I'm a huge fan. She originally wrote "Go" for Rihanna, but I guess that fell through, and I'm not particularly sad about it.

A good introduction to her music is "Oblivion":

Isn't she adorable? Her music is a little strange but still easily accessible. I also love her Tumblr.

August 22, 2014


A few things I've been excited about lately:

2. How to Throw Your First Fancy "Grown Up" Party - sounds super easy and involves cheese, so I'm in.
3. Increase Your Productivity by Writing "Morning Pages" - I think there's definitely something to this. Writing in my journal in the morning always helps to clear my head before starting my day.
4. Where to Shop When You're Too Old for Forever 21 and Too Young for Ann Taylor - I need to start shopping these stores, but I don't think I'll ever be an Anthropologie convert.
5. Bill Hader is Incredibly Well Read - I've already read three books from his list and they were all great! I especially enjoyed Jon Ronson's Lost at Sea.
6. Why I Have To Be So "Rude" - seriously this song is terrible. The first time I heard it I thought it was a radio ad for a car dealership.

August 21, 2014

The Most Important 90's Fashion Moments from The Parent Trap

Ah yes, the 1998 version of The Parent Trap. I've wasted many an afternoon watching this movie, for as well all know, this movie is about 5 hours long. It's totally adorable and introduced the world to Lindsay Lohan, America's redheaded step child. Lately I've been thinking about this movie a lot in terms of the particular brands of 90's styles that it represents. Normcore, minimalist, matching sets, and sporty trends are all shown in their original form. This movie features also not one, not two, but FIVE denim shirts. What other information do you need that this movie is a retro fashion goldmine? I've included my favorite looks below.

I love Annie's perfectly polished suit sets accessorized with matching headbands. She's like a baby British Cher Horowitz. 

Hallie, in contrast, is a totally cool American girl, as represented by her denim jacket and sunglasses on her head.

This scene basically taught me how to be a cool girl: wear jackets & sunglasses indoors and kick ass at poker.

I have yet to master the second one.

Later in the movie, we get to see wedding dresses designed my the girls' mom, played by Natasha Richardson (RIP).  I love this dress with the simple thin jersey top and poofy bottom.

However, I could pass on both of these looks. Nice top hat.

Dennis Quaid in quintessential 90's dad gear, the heart of the normcore trend.

MY GOD this outfit is so amazing. That hat, that white dress with a keyhole neckline, the matching red lips and nails, the gold jewelry! This is everything I thought a glamorous woman should be when I was 9.

Lindsay Lohan, dressed as a baby British Blair Waldorf, tries her first sip of alcohol. If we had only known...


This little yellow outfit is adorable. The headband matches the skirt, and please note that ridiculously cute yellow rucksack. UGH. I love it.

I think the square neckline is ripe for a comeback...

...particularly on dresses with sexy backs.

Clever symbolism here, get it? The evil girlfriend is in all black and the angelic ex-wife is in white. But in all fairness, this outfit is totally chic and gorgeous. Natasha Richardson doesn't need a backless dress to look beautiful.

Round sunglasses? So hot right now.

This look was everything to me when I was 9. This lavender dress has a mandarin collar and she's wearing it with a pink furry purse and chopsticks in her hair. I'm not sure why I thought this was so unbelievably cool in fourth grade, but I bought a dress just like this and wore it to a band concert. I thought I was hot stuff.

This is truly my favorite outfit in the movie. This little matching Adidas athletic get-up just screams "sporty goth" to me. 

Obviously you should always bring your Prada mini backpack when hiking.


Last but not least is Natasha Richardson's wedding dress with white mesh sleeves. I WANT THIS.

Basically 2014 fashion in a nutshell, right? I'm out now. I've got to thrown on a denim shirt and try to find a Dennis Quaid-like dude with a vineyard.

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