December 21, 2014


Attention all box dye enthusiasts! I have literally been coloring my hair for 11 years and I can't believe how long it's taken me to figure this out. If you are coloring your hair the same shade as your natural hair color or darker, you should only be using temporary hair dye. Permanent box dyes contain oxidizers (i.e. hydrogen peroxide) and ammonia, which actually lighten your hair. This sucks for darker hair for two reasons:

1) It's hella damaging, and everyone knows that dry, damaged hair is gross.

2) Your base color will actually be lightened, so your hair will fade much faster.

They contain a ton of this oxidizing agent and ammonia because they are supposed to work on all hair colors. My hair is fine and prone to breakage as it is. I used to use permanent hair dye ever 4-6 weeks all over my strands to counteract fading, and my hair was literally fried. 

I've been using this Natural Instincts dye for the past 3 months and I can already see a difference in the new growth. It's not breaking off and frizzing as easily, and the color stays a much more vibrant auburn. I keep it on a few minutes longer than the directions call for, since red hair is super finicky. 

This particular dye lasts for 28 shampoos. Seriously, though, how long does it take you to get through 28 shampoos? Like, a year? I've been touching up every 4-6 weeks and I haven't seen nearly the amount of fading that I used to. Which is great because nothing is as gross to me as faded red hair!

Check out that fresh 2 death dye job.

Also, can you tell I got a new camera?! I bought a Nikon D3200 for myself for Christmas and I'm in love.

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December 20, 2014


Literally how rad are these gold-coated sunglasses from Karen Walker Eyewear? The collection celebrates the brand's 10 year anniversary and damn are they celebrating in style!

I wish I had $399 lying around so I could snatch up a pair of these! See the full collection here.

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Since I've been a grown-up, it's very hard for me to get in the Christmas mood. It might be because I live so far away from my family. But it's probably mostly because I work in retail and Christmas starts in October for us! By mid-December I am totally over it and moving onto spring & summer fashions.

So basicaly, I have to listen to a lot of Christmas music to get myself in the mood. I have a pretty extensive playlist on Spotify, but these are my absolute favorites. I realize that some of these songs are over 50 years old, but it's the nostalgia that makes them Christmassy! 

Hanson - "What Christmas Means to Me"

I got this album for Christmas 1997 and I've listened to it every year since. This album is FANTASTIC! Nothing gets me in the Christmas mood like Hanson's Snowed In. I highly recommend it.

Bobby Helms - "Jingle Bell Rock"

And oldie but goodie. This was my very favorite Christmas song when I was a little, little kid. I like when the back-up singers come in, and I love the guitar sounds. PS did you know that the B-side of this single is called "Captain Santa Claus (and His Reindeer Space Patrol)"? Like I don't even believe this song is real. It's like "Space Oddity" mets "Jingle Bell Rock."

Jackson 5 "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

I love the part at the end where little Michael is like, "You just gotta believe me guys!" I would hate to find out what would happen if Joe Jackson really DID find out that Mommy was kissing Santa Claus, but that's another story for another time (like a weekend afternoon on VH1). 

Harry Connick, Jr - "(It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus"

I feel like if you were a kid in the 90's, your parents had this album and played it every year while you opened your presents. Maybe that's just my family? Whatever. It just makes me want to eat gumbo and fresh-baked bread with my family.

Bing Crosby - "Mele Kalikimaka"

Something about this song is really sad. Like, I would never feel like it was Christmas if I were living in Hawaii. I would miss it here in Ohio. On the other hand, this song evokes all the glamour of the 40's and tropical Hawaii. Can you just imagine dancing to this in a full floral skirt with your hair in victory rolls with flowers and a nice red lip? So cute.

Elvis Presley - "Blue Christmas"

On the flip side of all the festivities, Christmas honestly kind of bums me out. I'm kind of in between families right I'm a grown up and it will never be the same back home...but I don't have my own family yet either. So, yeah, I sing this mournfully in the shower. Whatever.

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Tell me in the comments!

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December 19, 2014


What up. I just bought a DSLR camera as a Christmas present to myself! I can't wait to test it out this weekend and get some fancy photography up on this blog.

A few things I was into this week...

The Sony hacker leak gave us a glimpse into Channing Tatum's email style...

Refinery29 brought us a letter from the Belcher family.

Hither and Thither gave us long hike recommendations all over the world. I really want to try one of these!

Into the Gloss gave us a glimpse into Lindsay Lohan's beauty routine and bedroom. So interesting!

The Skinny Confidential posted her holiday gift guide and lookbook and it's AMAZING. Definitely check it out.

I'm obsessed with these monochromatic looks from Atlantic-Pacific.

Have you used the new Instagram filters yet???

The Office: Middle Earth from SNL. SO FUNNY. I cried.

Are you so jazzed for the weekend??? I know I am. I've got back to back Christmas parties today and I couldn't be more excited.

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December 18, 2014


Literally, where was this song when I was making my Halloween Party Playlist? It's fantastic. "Monster Beach Party" is an ode to cheesy 60's beach AND monster movies. As far as I can tell Teen Sensations is an Australian surf pop band heavily inspired by the Beach Boys.  On their Facebook, they describe themselves as "fresh out of high school with no place to go!" and list their interests as "Surfing, girls, drag racing their T-Birds, goin' steady, Cherry Coke, being a real neat-o gang." 

Um, can someone fly me down to Brisbane to see this band?

Check out the song below:

Do you love it? 

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December 17, 2014


House of Holland's pre-fall 2015 collection is a vibrantly colored clash of influences, resulting in a dystopian-Asian-boxer-punk vibe. Each look features turnt as hell monster trucks and footwear that resides somewhere between the realms of Spice Girls platform sneakers and curb-stomping skinhead boots. I love the satin boxer warm-up jackets and the purple yeti fur accessories. My favorite looks feature mixed candy-colored tartan prints a la Clueless. The paillette sequin dresses are also quite cute and wearable. Wouldn't you wear those for New Years? Only if you'e a person who feels the need to go the sequin route, of course...

What do you think? Would you join this street fighting girl gang?

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