May 27, 2015


You guys, thank you SO MUCH for all your support about my last post! This is a huge step for me and it means the world to me to receive all your words of encouragement.

I am preparing to move out of my apartment this Saturday, so I've been busy selling almost all of my belongings. I am only bringing to California what I can fit into my car, so everything must go! I still have to sell my clothes and books and donate my furniture and any remaining, every day appliances. It's a lot to do on top of a full-time job, hence the lack of posts here. The good news is, all the nitty-gritty moving details will be over this weekend and I can resume regular posting. Yay!

I did manage to squeeze in some fun over the weekend (don't I always?). On Friday I went to a Columbus Crew game. I've never been to a professional soccer game before, and it was a really fun experience!

Hot Chicken Takeover had their food truck at the tailgate. I've been hearing amazing things about it, and it turns out I know one of the owners! He hooked us up with some chicken sandwiches and they were AMAZING!!

Sorry, Carolyn. The chicken sandwiches were so juicy that they needed 4 slices of bread. If you get a chance to get Hot Chicken Takeover, I definitely recommend. 

I was majorly hungover on Saturday, but I managed to make it out of my bed to check out Fox in the Snow Cafe. It was SO GOOD. I was with a few friends so we ordered basically the whole menu and sampled all of the delicious baked goods.

They the most delicious egg and bacon sandwiches on fresh-baked bread. The eggs were scrambled in the traditional French style so they were super jiggly and light.

I did some major cleaning on Sunday. I save all of my birthday and Christmas cards and I really had a laugh at all the juvenile cards my family has bought me over the years. I think I had 8 Little Mermaid cards in the mix. One of my favorites is this semi-homemade card from my sister for my 21st birthday. 

Aren't these the most beautiful flowers? Does anyone know what they're called???

Later I had a little Sunday Funday with Brooke and Adam. Aren't they ridiculously adorable?

And, like all great nights, I found myself at Late Night Slice, eating 'za drenched in garlic sauce.

I would eat that again right now. DAY-UM!!!!

What have you guys been up to lately?

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May 23, 2015


You guys, I have been waiting for AGES to tell you this but I couldn't because I didn't want to run in to any trouble at work. But now I can finally tell you...


So, yeah. This is pretty much awesome. 

Like a lot of people, I was always attracted to the idea of LA and moving to California. LA has always seemed to me like a place of huge opportunity and amazing weather. This idea was founded on things I had read and seen on TV, but I had never been there before this January. But when I got off the plane at LAX, within 15 minutes I turned to my aunt and uncle and told them I was going to move there. And I was not bullshitting them.

Columbus will always hold a special place in my heart. I've spent the past 8 years here and I've grown so much. I don't even really recognize myself as that 18 year old my parents dropped off at the dorms. I have the best friends here and there's a lot of things I love about this city, but I feel like my life has grown stagnant and I need a change. A BIG change.

So, basically the past 4 months have consisted of me saving money by driving for Uber and trying to get this blog off the ground. Because guess what else? I will be pursuing blogging and freelance projects full time in LA! It's a pretty huge leap but I'm just going to jump and I have faith that there will be a net to catch me.

In the next couple of weeks I will be finishing giving away most of my possessions, moving out of my apartment, and driving out west with my mom. I hope you like my travel posts, because there's a lot of those on the horizon!

It's all happening people!!!!

So what are your thoughts on this? Have you ever made a big move before? Do you live in LA and want to hang out? Do you want to crash on my couch? Let me know in the comments!

PS You should check out my posts from when I was in California: One, Two, Three, Four and Five

May 22, 2015


Aloha! I'm so glad it's Memorial Day Weekend and the official start of summer! Nothing like getting back from vacation and then having a 3-day weekend, right?

You guys, I am announcing something VERY exciting tomorrow so do check back! I would tell ya now but there's a few more details to iron out. 

Around the web...

Can you even believe these tulips that Designlovefest captured while in the Netherlands?! It basically looks like The Wizard of Oz.

Hither & Thither shared an amazing experience at Big Sur, California. I'm definitely adding this to my 30 before 30 list.

Loving this yellow gingham look from To Style with Love!

I would love to have this red velvet apartment that Messy Nessy Chic shared. I wouldn't change a thing!

This look from Atlantic-Pacific is on point as always, but it's the rainbow gradient mural that's really blowing me away. Where is that thing?!

I'm really loving these creative music festival make-up looks that The Velvet Black posted. Check them out!

And on this blog...

What have you been up to lately? What are you going to do this weekend?

Remember to check back tomorrow for my BIG NEWS!!!

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May 21, 2015


Now that I've spent a week in Florida, I'm pretty much an expert on beach vacations. I don't want to call myself "high maintenance," but I certainly do pack A LOT of stuff to keep myself happy and healthy at the beach. For this post, I've narrowed my faves down to the 12 most absolutely essential items for beach vacations. Scroll down to see my picks!

A One-Piece Bathing Suit - Bikinis are great for tanning, but if you're planning on playing in the waves, a one-piece is absolutely essential. Believe me, you do NOT want to lose your bikini bottoms in the surf...especially if you're with your family :( I am obsessed with these suits from Minga London.

Pool Slides - Forget flip flops on the beach - they flip flop hot sand right into your tukhus! Pool slides are a great alternative for keeping your feet cool without getting sand in your pants. I have these Nike Benassi slides and I love them!

Wide-Mouth Water Bottle - Beer makes me bloated so I like to make cocktails for the beach. The wide-mouth on this water bottle means that you can add ice cubes to keep your booze cool. Plus this Nalgene one glows in the dark, which is always a plus in my book.

Spray Sunscreen - I CANNOT DEAL with putting lotion sunblock on while at the beach. The combination of lotion and sand on my skin is so icky and unbearable. I always use spray sunscreen for reapplication. The Banana Boat Sport in SPF 30 is a big favorite in my family.

Dry-Touch High-SPF Sunscreen - Before I head to the beach, I like to mix a high-SPF dry-touch sunscreen with my BB cream for a custom, tinted sunscreen. Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen in SPF 70 keeps my face protected without making it too oily. I used this method all through my vacation and didn't break out at all!

A Heavy-Duty Backpack - I used to always carry a beach bag, but now I actually prefer a backpack because I feel like you get less sand in your belongings since you can zip it closed. Plus, they're better for riding bikes (my new favorite thing!). This K√•nken backpack is high quality and comes in a ton of pretty colors to match your bathing suits.

A vitamin-rich, heavy moisturizer - Clearly my sunscreen routine is pretty intense, but I always seem to miss a spot (or reapplication) and end up with sunburns. I love using Weleda Skinfood on my burns because it clears them right up and is loaded with vitamins, which I think prevents peeling. This stuff is also great on your feet, as mine always get super-dry on vacation. And bonus: it smells like gin gimlets!

An awesome liquid sunscreen - Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch in SPF 30 is my absolute favorite sunscreen of all time. It's not greasy, it's moisturizing, and it doesn't leave white residue all over your body. I put this on right after I take a shower in the morning and I feel like it really helps me to not get sunburned, while still allowing a tan. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Cool Sunnies - The sun on the beach is harsh, especially if you have blue eyes like me, so some stylin' sunwear is seriously essential! I am loving these purple cat-eye sunglasses from Nordstrom. Wouldn't they be perfect with that tie dye bathing suit?

A sarape - I love the word "sarape." Suh-raw-pay. I can't stop saying it. Anyhow, these Mexican blankets are perfect for the beach because they're as durable as they are colorful. I got mine from an estate sale, but there's tons on Amazon in all different colors, including this yellow one.

Leave-In Conditioner - I consider a vacation from work to also be a vacation from heat styling. However, the sun and salt can wreak havoc on my hair. Instead of turning into a frizz ball when I air dry, I like to run a bit of leave-in conditioner through my wet hair to keep the fuzz under control. The Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner is the best I've found so far.

Zing Zang! - Zing Zang makes the best Bloody Mary's and I'm obsessed with it. There's really nothing better than sipping a Bloody Mary on the beach. Plus, I've heard that lycopene (found in tomatoes) can help to prevent sunburns. I'm not sure if that's true but it can't hurt!

I hope this post can help you make your next beach vacation even better! What are your beach essentials? Let me know in the comments!

This post is sponsored by Fjallraven Canada, but all opinions are my own.

May 20, 2015


If there's one thing you need to know anything about me, it's that I LOVE COCONUT! I drink coconut water on the reg, I've had coconut beer, I'm even drinking a coconut Lacroix right now. So when we saw this recipe I was like "Hell yeah, Mom, let's make this." Well, my mom made them and I photographed them. Whatever.

Anyhow, they're super refreshing and a fun twist on the traditional Mojito. You should make them for all your Memorial Day festivities this weekend (or if you're one of my UK readers...just for the regular weekend!).


Fresh mint leaves
1/2 fresh lime
1 oz Malibu rum
1 oz white rum
1 oz Coco Real cream of coconut
Club soda


In a cocktail shaker, muddle a small handful of mint leaves with the juice of half a lime. Add the Malibu, white rum, cream of coconut, and ice. Give it a good shake, then strain into a glass filled with ice. Top off with club soda, stir, and add mint leaves to garnish.  

And that's it! Double the recipe and make one for a friend! I'm warning you though, you can't taste the alcohol in these at all. And you can't feel how drunk you are when you're floating in a pool. Have fun, and take an Uber!

Oh and PS if you want a free Uber ride, you can use my code ColleenW29 ;)

What's your favorite summer cocktail?

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