April 16, 2014

Blog Resurrection!

I am in the process of resurrecting, revitalizing, and re-branding this blog. For three years, I used this space to record events in my life and express my interests in fashion, music, and food while I was attending college. When I graduated from college, I was lucky enough to immediately find full-time work in my field, but I made the decision to focus on my career full-time and forget about my college blogging obsession.

Now I'm back. I have realized two things:

a) Blogging can be a totally rewarding and valuable asset in my career, particularly because I work in the fashion e-commerce field. I mean, duh, right?

b) I still love reading blogs daily and my thoughts often take the form of blog articles anyhow. I have so many things I want to share that I think I am physically unable to abstain from blogging any longer!

This blog will now be focused on fashion, interior design, and food, all with a personal finance twist. Like many people my age, I am living on a strict budget. Although I have (ridiculous) rent, (obscene) bills, and (astronomical) student loans to pay, I still want to live the good life. I guess I have caviar tastes and a canned tuna budget, but I believe these things can be rectified. 

It's a big puzzle I'm trying to figure out and I hope you'll join me on that journey!

I will be updating again soon, but until then you can find me on Twitter and Instagram.

December 14, 2012

Buh Bye

I think I'm about done with this blog. Sorry, followers, it's been real! Come check me out at


May 30, 2012

The Past Week in Photos

I have taken almost no pictures since New Years, which is extremely out of character for me! Lately I've been trying to catch the Instagram train that everyone seems to be riding these days. Here's a brief life update in photos:

Um...did I mention that I got a job? Like a real, big girl job? With like HEALTH INSURANCE?! Who am I? I got this cupcake on the day I was hired :)

Last week, I also moved in with some relatives after subleasing my apartment. This is a much smaller closet than I'm used to, so I really had to pair down my wardrobe!

I got that Emoji app. Still not really sure what it's good for, except apparently communicating with my sister.

On Saturday I went to a sweet farmers market with my aunt. After picking up our local vegetables and meats for the week, we stopped at a French restaurant for brunch. I had a blueberry tart with iced coffee, while she opted for French toast with fresh squeezed orange juice. SO GOOD! But the best part was, we had a little pig on a leash sitting at the table to our left (named Hamilton!) and a bunny in a stroller to our right. The French pastry chef came out and exclaimed "It's a menagerie!"

Some ballin sunglasses I got at work.

Revlon's Fuschia Fever. I love the color, but my nails just didn't turn out very well. I'm not sure if it was the formula or the fact that I painted them while drinking outside on a 90 degree day, but they looked pretty janky.

While flipping through Southern Living (basically my favorite magazine ever), I saw this picture and thought, "Wow, I wish I could go there" (as I often do while reading that magazine). But guess what? I'm actually going there this summer! I can't wait to paddle a kayak around and then eat crab cakes!

I'm like so pretty.

Didn't go to a pool this weekend. Wasn't sad about it.

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May 26, 2012

What to do...what to do...

This June, I am attending a wedding where I will meet my boyfriend's extended family for the first time. I'm really excited, and I really really want to have the right dress. The issue is that the ceremony is outdoors during the day, and the reception is inside at night. What does one wear to that? A sundress would be too casual for the night time, and a cocktail dress would be too dressy for the daytime. So like anybody else, I started a Pinterest board (duh). After a few day of online shopping, here's what I came up with:

Left to right, top to bottom: Skater Dress with Rose Mesh from ASOS, Lovely Red Dress from Lulu's, Mini Skater Dress from ASOS, Skater Dress in Lace from ASOS, Anything Flamingos Dress from Modcloth, Lace Mini Dress from ASOS, Prettiest of All Dress from Modcloth, On the Aura Dress from Modcloth

Out of pure coincidence, all of the dresses sort of looked the same. Obviously, I want a lacy/flowy red or pink dress. But which is the right one?

May 23, 2012

The Only Music I'm Listening To These Days: J.D. McPherson

Confession: I listen to NPR every day. I have a half hour commute to work, and I just can't deal with the idiots that are on morning shows. Hence, I started listening to NPR and now I JUST CAN'T STOP! Does anybody else have this kind of addiction? Anyhow, I heard someone interviewing J.D. McPherson the other day when I was pulling into the Target parking lot. I just went ahead and stayed in my car and listened to the whole story, because this guy is great!

He's like if the Black Keys did 50's rock and roll instead of the blues. Oh, did I mention this came out like last year and not in 1957? This whole album was recorded in analog with vintage amps, mics, etc. It's really good! I listened to it four times in the first day that I had it, and if that's not indicative of its awesomeness, I don't know what would be.

Here's another song I like:

I wish he would come to my town because I do a really mean twist :(

What is he so depressed about on this album cover? He must be frustrated that his album isn't in stores, so you have to buy it online or download. But it's so worth it. It's so choice.

May 21, 2012

This blog is not dead

Oh, hey! This blog might look dead, but it's not. I've been going through a lot of life changes in the past five months, but now I'm hoping that I'll have enough time to commit to this blog once again! I really miss it, and I miss you. Look for a new, legit post within a week. Until then, here is a picture of my dog: