July 21, 2014

How to Make an Omelette

It is a truth universally acknowledged that being good at making omelettes will win you respect among your peers and admirers among your gender of choice. 

A lesser known truth is that omelettes are the perfect food for classy poor people who don't have a lot of time and need to eat RIGHT NOW. People tend to think that omelettes are difficult or a little too fancy for their cooking skills, but I am here to tell you that they are simple as hell and if all else fails, you can just turn it into cheesy scrambled eggs.


Butter or butter-like spray
2 eggs
a splash of milk
a dash of salt
1/4 cup of shredded cheese


Place a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat. Crack two eggs into a small mixing bowl. Add a splash of milk and a dash of salt, and whip into a frenzy with a fork. The goal is to add air to the mixture to make your omelette nice and fluffy.

To the skillet, add a small pat of butter and swirl it around as it melts to coat the pan. If you're avoiding butter (why???), hit the pan with a few spray of canola oil. 

Dump your egg mixture into the pan. Wait for the eggs to set (a minute or two), then turn the pan 180 degrees on your stove. This ensures that if your stove cooks unevenly (most do, especially in crappy rentals), your eggs will still be cooked evenly on both sides. 

Some people (my mom), will pull back the edges of the omelette that have already set so that the uncooked eggs will run into the hot part of the pan. I don't like to do to this because it makes your omelette look like a brain (and that's gross) (I think). Just be patient!

After a few minutes, you will notice that the eggs are beginning to look cooked. When you see little air bubbles coming through, it's time to add the cheese. Grab whatever shredded cheese you have in your fridge (I like mozzarella personally), and add a handful to one side of your omelette. 

Once you notice that the cheese is beginning to melt, use a spatula to pick up the bare half of the omelette and fold it over onto the cheesy side. Wait one minute.

Now is the best part! Use the spatula to pick up the omelette and flip it in the pan. I know this can be scary BUT YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You can do it, I know it. 

Wait another minute and voila! You have a fancy little cheese omelette - guaranteed to keep you full as you hustle on to your next task. I think omelettes pair well with diced avocado and cherry tomatoes, but that's just me. 

What's your go-to cheap & easy meal? Let me know in the comments! I pretty much need a break from omelettes at this point. 

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June 29, 2014

DIY Campaign Chest

I wish I could take credit on this DIY, but this was all the work of my very talented and creative mom. She really has a knack for seeing the potential in an old piece of furniture and turning it into something beautiful. I frequently receive texts from her, asking if I would like this furniture she found, always with the dimensions! Unfortunately, there's not room for all of these orphans in my apartment. I keep encouraging her to start her own side-business refinishing furniture. Don't you think she'd be good at it?

A few weeks ago she texted me with a picture of this guy she had in her garage:

"Do you want it?" she asked.

"Um...no." I mean, it's sky blue and white striped. I don't think so. 

"Send me some pictures of dressers you like and I'll paint it for you."

A year or so ago, everyone in the blogosphere was SO EXCITED about campaign furniture. I never got my own, but I couldn't get it out of my head. So I sent her this inspiration that I've had pinned for ages:

And I was literally just blown away by what she came up with. Some sand paper, emerald green paint, brass hardware, polyurethane and this was the result:

It's not exactly "true campaign" because the hardware is a bit different, but I honestly like it even more. It goes great with my antique brass bed! My boyfriend is glad to have his own nightstand and I finally have a place to put my undies and socks. We have another project on board with a mid-century chair that I can't wait to show you!

Do you have any old furniture that you've refinished?

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May 8, 2014

I Want a Platinum Blonde Life

Lately, I've gotten this idea in my head that I want to dye my hair platinum blonde. I've been pretty faithful to my faux medium auburn hair for over ten years now, and I think I'm just ready for a change. I've been through a lot lately and I just want to emerge from the chaos like a beautiful, white-blonde, ethereal phoenix.  Plus, it's something I've always wanted to do and now is the time!

Yes, I realize that this would most likely destroy my hair. I have a lot more research to do and I need to talk to my hair dresser about it, but in the mean time, let's have a look at some pictures that are inspiring me to make the change.


Right? It would be tip top. So what do you say? Should I make the plunge straight into some bleach or stay with my tried and true?

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May 4, 2014

My Coconut Oil Skincare Routine

Lately, I've had really crazy dry skin. Like, wake up with itchy, tight, flakey skin every morning. I don't know why. My hormones are fine and I eat well. It must be one of those fun things about getting older! No matter how many lotions I've tried, no matter how much fat I eat, no matter how much water I drink, I'm still all itchy and dry. Since spring has hit, my dry skin has morphed into eczema on my shoulders, chest, face, and neck. Not a pretty sight. 

I was pretty much at the end of my rope. Since I already had the coconut oil around for oil pulling, one day I just thought, why not rub this all over my skin? What's the worst that could happen?

Turns out it's pretty great. So here's what I do: a couple nights a week, I dig spoonful after spoonful of coconut oil out of this jar, warm it into a liquid with my hands, then rub it on my skin. About half a tablespoon is enough to cover a section of skin. I start with my face then work my way all the way down to my toes. Then I go back and put a little bit more on my face! I rub any excess on my hands into the ends of my hair (because guess what? my hair is also super dry). Then I put on my jammies and go to bed. When I wake up, my skin is actually hydrated!

Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer for sensitive skin for a few reasons:

1) It's just coconut oil. If it gives me a rash, I'll know it was the coconut oil. With other moisturizers, I never know which of the many unpronounceable ingredients caused the allergic reaction.

2) Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, so if you have eczema (like me), it can help to kill any bacteria that might cause your reaction.

3) While coconut oil penetrates your skin to moisturize, it also acts as a barrier to hold in your body's natural moisture.

4) It's filled with vitamin E which is great for your skin.

Since I've started this routine, my eczema has faded and I don't need to wear foundation anymore. Plus, it's like $6 for a huge jar. What's not to love about that?

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May 2, 2014

Exciting News!

My, how quickly things can change. 

Not a week ago I posted about my financial situation and my plans to improve it. For months now, I've been living paycheck to paycheck and slowly draining my savings. My apartment is just too big and too expensive for me. So when my landlord told me they were raising my rent by 17%, I knew it was definitely time to let go.

So here's the timeline:

Monday at 5:23 pm: My landlord emails me to ask me if I want renew my rent and to inform me that rates would be going up yet again.

Monday at 6:00 pm: Sob.

Monday at 7:00 pm: Consult with Vlad.

Monday night: Toss and turn, worrying myself into a frenzy. What if I can't find a new place? Should I just stay here and be poor?

Tuesday at work: Continually refresh my search on Craigslist for an apartment. Try to have faith that good things will happen to me if I just believe they will (you know, Oprah-type shit).

And then I found a place. Totally within my ideal price range with all the things I'm looking for. And it's SO CUTE! Look at it!

 It also has tons of storage, a backyard, and a GARAGE. Which is so choice in Ohio, especially during the winter. The windows face south so there's plenty of light in the space. It's near where I live now and there are lots of great bars and restaurants nearby. Most importantly, the rent and utility bills are SO much more reasonable. I've estimated that I'll have an extra $250-300 to play around with starting in June.

I was incredibly lucky that I got to see the place before anyone else. Apparently the girl who was leasing answered my email first because we share the same area code. Of all things, can you imagine? So Thursday I signed the lease and paid the security deposit and the place will be all mine by the end of the month!

I'm just SO EXCITED! May is going to be a crazy time for me but I'm really looking forward to getting into this new space and making it my own.

So now I'm off to start packing and cleaning my apartment.  As always, you can follow me on BloglovinInstagramTwitter, or Pinterest.

May 1, 2014

Link Round-Up

This has been a crazy, crazy week from me. So much anxiety and insomnia, but it's all leading up to something very exciting that I hope to be able to share with you tomorrow! Anyhow, here's some blogs I've been excited about this week:

Honestly WTF posted this editorial featuring some hella inspiring print mixing and gorgeous colors. 

xSparkage posted a review of the OCC Primary Pack and demonstrated how these lip tars can create literally any color. Above is my favorite.

I don't know where I would wear this blush velvet confection featured on What Olivia Did. Prom? The opera? My own wedding? All I know is that I really, really want it.

I love a good closet post! From Head to Toe has some great tips for how to organize your stuff when you don't have a lot of space. Bonus: she's totally adorable.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up and you know what that means...MINT JULEPS! How Sweet It Is posted a new spin on the mint julep with 2014's trendiest fruit, the pineapple. I have to find a friend with a blender so we can make this bad boy this weekend!

That's all for this week. As always, you can follow me on BloglovinInstagramTwitter, or Pinterest. Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite posts were this week!