September 1, 2015


No, this is not a post about a community-organized "Sister Day" at Venice Beach, although that would be sweet. A few weeks ago, my sister came out to visit and one of her requests was that we return to Venice Beach, where we spent our vacation in January.

If you've never been to Venice, it's basically a beachside town where all the freaks of Earth converge and try to coax money from tourists doing all kinds of activities, from lying on a bed of nails to playing the grand piano. At least one person will try to give you their mix tape, and you will see at roughly a dozen drifter camps guarded by a ragtag band of dogs. It's seedy as all get out, but it's also really fun. The beach is gorgeous (duh) and the people watching is truly out of this world.

After lying on the beach for a few hours, we had a couple beers, then wandered around the boardwalk. My sister bought some souvenirs for friends back home, and we finished off the day with some extremely photogenic ice cream.

Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California

Souvenir Tees at the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California

Pizza Mural at Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California

Van Gogh Mural at Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California

Cement Elephant Statue at Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California

Ice Cream Stand at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream

Cotton Candy Ice Cream at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California

Cotton Candy Ice Cream at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California

It was a good day at Venice Beach. These pictures are really making me miss my sister. Hi Sissy!

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August 29, 2015


Hey buddies! Guess what! I'm not dead. You were probably wondering what happened to me though, right? I have had family in town for the past 3 weeks AND I moved to a sweet, new apartment. I really miss blogging though. I am sitting in a coffee shop right now, working on scheduling posts so we can all be together again :) So let's get caught up!

Please excuse the iPhone photos. I haven't been great about taking "Big Boy" out on the town lately.

django django el rey theater los angeles california

A few weeks ago I went to go see Django Django at the El Rey Theater and they were SO SICK. I have seen them once before and they are just absolutely incredible live. At one point, the singer had everyone in the theater crouch down on the floor, and then we all jumped up and danced at the same time. So fun. Funny story though: when I took this picture, I accidentally used my flash and then I couldn't figure out how to turn it off, probably blinding everyone in the band. Sorry about that, Django Django. #awkward

quarters korean bbq los angeles california

Then my sister came to visit! We took her to Quarters Korean BBQ, one of our out-of-towner standards. I really want to go there now, actually. They give you a bowl of cheese to dip your grilled meats into. It's amazing.

gingham dress heart-shaped sunglasses commissary line hotel los angeles, california

We went to Commissary at the Line Hotel in Koreatown for brunch and bottomless mimosas. The food was nothing to text mom about, but the waiter kept our mimosas topped off and you can't complain about that.

commissary line hotel los angeles california

commissary line hotel los angeles california

After drinking for a while, we were definitely considering cousin tattoos. I still do want matching cousin tattoos, but maybe we should give it a little more thought first, right?

carolyn martin ninja turtle kandi

We had made a pit stop to Jason's place to catch an Uber to Hollywood, and tried on some kandi while listening to Lana Del Ray. 

morgan rainbow face mask kandi

poop emoji kandi

good times at davey waynes vintage refrigerator los angeles california

Then we went to Good Times at Davey Wayne's and had a really crazy Sunday Funday. Like we met some hip hop producer named F1 who was telling us about recording with some dude from Bone Thugs & Harmony and then I cut his birthday cake and served it to him and his friends??? Jason and Morgan cut out to buy cigarettes and go home, when they saw some guy apparently trying to jump off a crane and commit suicide. Later, we found out it was just Steve-O protesting Seaworld???

There's just a lot of ???? involved in my memories of that day.

cute shoes feathers tinsel fringe nasty gal melrose shopping los angeles california

My sister and I went shopping on Melrose. Pictured above is the glorious shoe display at Nasty Gal. Would you look at all that tinsel and feathers? I should start playing the lottery.

tatsu ramen noodles japanese food los angeles hollywood california

We also stopped at Tatsu for a little hangover-curing ramen.

cute donuts los angeles california

My sister and I were determined to get some cute donuts. Look at that little pig! And the blue-beary-y one. Get it?

Then my aunt and uncle came into town with their twin Westies, Woody and Lou. 

selfie with westie dog puppy

Woody is a little chunk and a snuggle bug. Every time I went over to the vacation house, he wanted to jump up into my lap and chill. Of course, his little legs are too short to jump so you have to pick him up! It's so sad/cute!

glass pig figurines

Carolyn and I moved into our new apartment in West LA and discovered that both of our moms had bought us little pig figurines before we moved. How weird is that? Also our moms' names are Francie and Nancy and they both refinish furniture. 

mrs. fish los angeles dtla california

Last weekend Carolyn and I went to DTLA to check out a bar called Mrs. Fish, which features huge aquariums and an under-the-sea theme. There didn't seem to be a lot of fish in the tanks though, and once the band started up I could see why. Fish can't deal with those wild vibrations, you know.

sharing a milkshake

Later, Carolyn and I went to a burger joint for some late-night grub and shared a milkshake. While we were enjoying our food, this dapper man came up to us and told Carolyn that he could tell she slept on her side, and that she probably has tension between her shoulders. She was so surprised because that was exactly true, so we asked him how he knew that. Apparently he's a chiropractor and he literally cracked our necks and backs in the middle of this restaurant for some free fries. 

westie dog puppy

The Notre Dame boys.

westie dog twins!

Sorry, I just had to post more about these adorable puppies. They left this morning and I miss them already!

gibby the chocolate lab

In other news, my parents took Gibby to the beach house in Florida. We weren't sure if he could swim since he was a rescue, but he surprised everyone and jumped into the pool as soon as he got there. Dogs are amazing!

So, yeah, that was a lot of iPhone photography and a lot of dogs. We're still friends, right? I promise I won't go so long without blogging again. 

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August 12, 2015


Did you know that there are free concerts at the Santa Monica Pier all summer long? For real. FOR FREE. You can go up on the pier to watch the show, or you can bring a blanket and a thermos of wine and relax in the sand. My friends and I chose the latter ;) These pictures are basically just our descent into drunkeness on a Thursday night. Honestly, we didn't listen to the music at all but we had so much fun. You can check out the full schedule here. If you're in LA, I totally recommend it!











Do you have any other suggestions for free, fun things to do in LA? Let me know in the comments!

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August 7, 2015


First of all, happy Friday you gorgeous buddies you. What are you guys doing this weekend? My sister is coming to town on Saturday and I am SO STOKED. I'm taking a couple days off of work and we are just going to do all the fun LA things. You know, go to the beach, hike, shop, eat a lot, whatever. If you have any recommendations for what we should do, let me know in the comments!

Anyhow, the lovely Kim from KP Fusion tagged me to do a blogger interview. I have never done one of these before, but since I recently got some new followers (hi new friends!), it seems like a pretty good time. 

Let me introduce myself.

How did you get into blogging?

I don't even remember what my thought process was when I started to blog because it was like 6 years ago. I have kept a journal since third grade, but I needed like a multimedia way to express myself and my friends were getting so sick of me talking about all my weird obsessions. I literally started this blog because I was so excited about Paul Simon's Graceland that I had to write on the internet about it. And that's how it's been since then: I get excited about stuff and write on the internet.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Proofread. Think about how your content will look from an outsider's perspective. Plan your content and try to come up with some original ideas. I know I'm guilty of this too, but if I see one more monthly favorites post, I'm going to scream. Also, be friendly! Actually take the time to read people's blogs and write thoughtful comments. As you make new blogging friends, your page views will grow. And please, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT ask for "follow for follow"!
What would be your dream campaign?

One that sends me on a fancy trip to an exotic locale. I mean, who wouldn't want that?

Do you have a plan for your blog?

Lately I've had too many commitments with product reviews and sponsored posts and it makes me kind of hate blogging, so I just want to focus on blogging about the things that are fun for me to write about. If people want to read that or give me money for that, cool. If not, whatever. I just want to be more thoughtful about my content and stay true to myself.

What do you think about rankings?

For better or for worse, I am often very focused on the numbers. I usually go through phases where I'm into building one social media channel over the others. I was just really into Instagram, and now I'm trying to build my Bloglovin base. Since I'm a writer in the e-commerce arena, I feel like my stats are pretty important to my career so it's crucial that I build a good follower base. That being said, I would never place follower count and page views over quality of content. Priorities, right?

So now I'm going to tag...

Gabrielle from A Glass of Ice
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Madison from Bad Sass
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Have at it, girls!

August 5, 2015


It's 9 pm and I am melting in my Koreatown apartment. The windows are open and I can hear children playing and Mexican horn music outside. This far away from the ocean, there's hardly ever a breeze so we rely heavily on fans to keep us cool and to drown out the sounds of the outdoors. Usually it's just a lot of cars honking but occasionally there's something more wild, like a 45 minute rap battle that I was witness to (from the comfort of my kitchen).

But guess what! I don't have to worry about all that nonsense anymore because I am moving to West LA! Carolyn and I found a great little place in the Palms area, which is much more quiet and a lot closer to the beach. The location is great for commuting, and once the new metro line is finished we will be able to take the train to Santa Monica and downtown. Plus, there's all new appliances and it's CLEAN. 

Check it out:

These are just some quick snaps I took on my phone to send to my mom, but you get the idea.

I am SO excited to move into our new place and make it feel like "home." Ever since I decided to move to LA back in January, I haven't felt like I've been able to put down any roots anywhere. I feel like a drifter with only enough possessions to fill up a mid-size sedan. But now I have a place to call my own, with my very own parking spot. I can't wait to get some furniture and DECORATE THIS BITCH.

Are there things I'll miss about Koreatown? Ehhhhh...I guess I'll miss the multitude of signs in Korean and Spanish that I see every day. I have no idea what restaurants or shops they are advertising for, but I enjoy the sense that adventure is in every weird corner store or behind a window covered in food posters. 

But for the most part,  I am not a fan of Koreatown. It's dirty and loud and the parking situation is ridiculous. During my frequent walks to and from my car (usually 3+ blocks away), I have encountered dirty old mattresses, stray dogs eating garbage, and people sleeping on the sidewalk. It's just weird. And though I don't necessarily feel unsafe here, I also don't need gang members spray-painting their symbols on the side of my apartment building. Ja feel?

So anyhow, I'm moving in the next couple of weeks and I need your recommendations on great places to shop for furniture and accessories! Let me know in the comments!

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